Haven’t fired a client in a while, but family time is not negotiable.

This is a new record. About two weeks.

New client, good business. Good guy, too.  He’d been beat up by other SEO’s messing their site up. Came in, cleaned house. Got their mess turned around and a solid foundation in lightning speed.

Nothing but emails of gratitude last week, but fired them today.

Had one last batch of updates that I communicated we would make after the weekend.  Then I get an email on Saturday, but didn’t see it until today because I don’t work weekends, which they knew. Especially holiday weekends.

“Kills me that we have to wait a few days for you to make these fixes…”

When just days before it killed him that other SEO companies took months/years to cause the mess we cleaned up in days.

Guess it wasn’t fast enough.

Me and my team’s availability was discussed before engaging, in the contract, and expectations were set before and after each batch of updates.

But family time is not negotiable… for me or my team.