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Save Time. Batch Your Emails.

What if you could save an hour or two a day?  You can.  Minimize your distractions.  A great example is batching emails. I save an estimated 1-2 hours a day by batching emails to once a day, sometimes twice.  But never more. Business owners that receive a lot of...

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Quitting Your Day Job is Scary

I was recently asked, "what advice would you give other entrepreneurs about quitting their day job?"  It's a great question.  And there's not one correct answer.  But here's my attempt to answer it, and some of my thoughts on related questions. First of all, mentally...

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Utah’s Parks Dazzle in Winter

As an entrepreneur, a getaway is mandatory from time-to-time to stay sane. While I love the beach and ocean breezes, none of which my home state has, Utah has a unique beauty of it's own. Especially during winter. Utah is famous for its breathtaking state and national...

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