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Simple Business Startup Blueprint

Successful business startups have nothing that you don't have. Some will say that you need venture capital, but I don't believe that you NEED it one bit. It can help in some cases, but if you have a good product then you will rise to the top, regardless of funding....

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Being an entrepreneur…

Being an entrepreneur of any kind is infinitely harder than anyone thinks that hasn't actually tried it. Despite the exhaustive level of commitment you need to be successful, for anyone testing the waters and considering doing your own thing, do it. It's worth it. The...

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“put a computer in the bathroom”

My 3 year old wants me to put a computer in the bathroom. Why? Because I told him he could earn chore money by working and taking out the bathroom garbage. Since his only concept of work is dad on a computer, he now thinks his work/chores requires a computer in the...

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