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Putting in the time

Glamorous social media pictures of the ballin' "entrepreneur lifestyle" are crap. 🤮 Growing a business isn't (usually) fun. Of course the benefits of being an entrepreneur are awesome, but it's equally hard. We all want to grow. But are you willing to put in the time...

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Starting New or Scary Things

When is the last time you started something that scared you? You know, that one new thing that you always think about but keep putting off because, well… because life happens. Starting a podcast was that thing for me, but I've now slain that dragon. Over the last few...

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How to beat your competition

Every industry has their bad apples. The ones that give the rest of us a bad name.🍎🐍 Especially in my industry of search engine optimization, where most SEO companies aim for quantity clients over quality results. Turn and burn 6 month relationships fueled by...

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