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SEO Rewards the Patient

That sucks. They lost $1,554,521.31 every year for the last few years. Years ago I had a retail client. Within a year of doing SEO for them their average monthly revenue increased 240%. Then they quit on me. It was a shock. 😐 Think about the time and effort we put...

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Why Mentors Matter

Having a mentor can spare you from learning the intricacies of business the hard way. A mentor is an individual who guides a less experienced person along. They do this through trust-building and modeling positive behaviors. A mentor should be dependable, authentic,...

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Working from home? Tell you clients.

It's not awkward to let clients know in advance that you work at home. What is weird is if customers call and hear screaming kids because you didn't tell them proactively. Just set expectations and let your results and reputation precede you. Your customers are...

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