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New SEO Book… and Gary Vee?!

Friends, would a favor be reasonable? As most of you know, I'm working on an SEO book to help business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs. It is far enough along that I'm looking into the design of the book now. Would you be so kind as to click on the two links below...

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Not successful yet?

To those eager to succeed, young or old, and are disappointed that you just aren't there yet, or maybe feel lost in life in general; my advice will probably sound cliché but experiment a little. You still have more time than you think. Wander a bit. Tinker with stuff....

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Featured by SEO Roundtable

Well this is cool. I woke up this morning to be featured by SEO Roundtable. "Damon Burton - The Search Community Honors You" What a privilege to be recognized. If you’re not familiar with SEO Roundtable, it’s one of the top online communities and publications for SEO...

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