The last year+ has put a lot in perspective for me.

At this morning’s company meeting I asked the team if they were up for a quick round of gratitude. I’m not a fluffly business owner. Never done this team gratitude thing before.


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As we’ve grown a lot in the last year, I thanked the team for their patience. I know I haven’t been as responsive as usual sometimes while dealing with growing pain priorities.

To put this into perspective, here is the last year and a half’s growth:

  • Jan 2020 we were about 15 people
  • Mar 2020 we were 20
  • Apr 2020 we were 30
  • Mar 2021 we were 35

We’re now up to about 45 😳

All of our processes are documented, so scaling is no worries. My biggest priority within the company is it’s getting harder to have enough “Damon” to go around.

This team’s loyalty was built around relationships and trust so I’m trying hard to protect that.

I have big plans. If I were to summarize the 15 year evolution of SEO National, it would be like this…

  • Years 1-2, was just cool to be self-employed.
  • Years 2-4, started growing the team
  • Years 4-8, better understood the potential and grew, but patiently and welcoming delayed gratification to not move too quickly
  • Years 8-13, documenting processes and growing
  • Years 13-14 being in a good place

Years 15+, no limits. Going to see how far we can take this. 🚀🚀🚀

Reality is perception. The world is on fire right now, but doesn’t mean amazing things aren’t possible.

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