I show up an post nearly daily for personal and business reasons.

Biggest reason is to inspire others, and show what’s possible. Motivating others motivates me. Feels good.

I get consistent leads by showing up consistently.

But what drives me the most is the wildcard. The curiosity of unidentifiable opportunities.

  1. Would have never expected that the majority of my current circle that I’d consider friends, I would meet online. Through constantly showing up you attract like-minded, driven people with equally big goals, that are enjoyable to be around.
  2. I get weekly messages of gratitude.Somehow, just by sharing my life, I get invited into others’ lives. They hear my story l, and interpret and translate it in ways that apply to them. And I’m fortunate to get a “thank you” for that.
  3. I get amazing opportunities to visit, see, and experience things I wouldn’t have access to otherwise. And I get to share those experiences with my wife and kids.
  4. I get non-traditional, behind the scenes offers. Like recently being offered equity in a pending billion dollar valuation in return for SEO’ing the project.


Not because I’m a unicorn. Because I’m consistent. Boringly, predictably consistent.

  • Family, entrepreneurship, SEO.
  • Family, entrepreneurship, SEO.
  • Family, entrepreneurship, SEO.
  • Every day… family, entrepreneurship, SEO.

Not the latest fad.  I didn’t talk alt coins.  Didn’t talk NFTs  Don’t talk AI (unless asked about how applicable to SEO).

Consistency makes me not “an SEO choice.” Consistency makes you THE only choice in minds.

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