After a certain amount of success, the next dollar matters less and less.

You become more driven by the impact, who you work with, the relationships you grow, and, for me, the gift of inspiring my kids.

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to take Hottie and the kids to an event sponsored by our latest client, Rockwell Time.

We received the VIP treatment and had the unique experience of hopping in the back of a monster truck, and riding in the bed of it while doing donuts on the track.

My wife and boys thought it was amazing, and so did I. Hard to describe something that you can’t compare to.

My daughter was another story. She was crying before we even climbed up the ladder into the truck. I told her she didn’t have to do it, but she wanted to be brave. She screamed bloody murder the whole time. 😆

At intermission they had karts racing, mini monster trucks, and professional BMX biker Patrick Laughlin flipping around the course.

My oldest is getting heavy into BMX lately. He’s already dropping into 8 foot bowls and launching out over gaps. So I introduced him to Patrick, and he game my son all the time in the world.

He carried a genuine conversation with him with enthusiasm.

You know how you see a moment happening with your kids? A spark of motivation? The birth of something? That’s what I saw when they were talking.

They took a picture together and Patrick said, “Let’s take a pic again in 10 years and compare.” 🤙

I shook Patrick’s hand and thanked him. Told him my team recently started working with Rockwell, and I looked forward to seeing him around more.

He replied that he’s been riding for Rockwell for 15 years, and then commented, “Welcome to the family.”

Only a few weeks into the Rockwell ecosystem and it really does feel like that. Family.

My team always gives it their all, but there’s something special going to happen with Rockwell. SEO National is going to take them places.

Rockwell Monster Truck Militia

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