About two months ago I had an idea...

I’m not a big partier these days. Wasn’t sure if I’d act on the idea.

Give me downtime with my family and I’m good.  But turning 40 seemed like a reasonable opportunity to do something big.  So I did.

Rented a 7,000 square foot lodge up a private drive in Park City and invited family and friends, old and new. Best. Night. Ever.

  • Friends that I met in my 20’s from EliteRides, the car enthusiast website that later ended up birthing my internet marketing career.
  • Friends flew in from Florida, whom I met after starting my marketing company 14 years ago, but had only ever met in person recently.
  • Friends that I hadn’t seen since school days.
  • Friends that I just met that year online through podcasting and flew all the way across the country to meet in-person for the first time.
  • Local SEO clients.
  • Clients that flew in from other states.

Different backgrounds, different stories, same love. It was like everyone had been best friends their whole life that night.

Getting some pics back recently, so sharing that love.

Also hired a video crew that weekend to film the amazingness. I’ll share later, but just saw a preview of the epic 7 minute video that was the result. 🤯 Already instant memories. And the endless smiles and pure joy in the video makes my wife cry with gratitude every time she watches it.

If I had a moral in this post it would be to do what makes you happy. Dream big, party big. Or don’t. Happiness doesn’t come in flashy packages.

I’m a pretty reserved person and keeping to myself is more my thing. But celebrating the relationships around you in a big way for a weekend was a beautiful thing.

About two months ago I had an idea...