❌ How you’ve been conditioned to think

❌ What you’ve been conditioned to think about

Received this message of gratitude from one of my international team members. This is what it’s all about. Giving yourself permission to grow. Impacting others along the way…


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“I can’t believe how a single person somewhat completely changed the way I am and the people around me. This year, I had a great outlook in life. I’ve got this feeling that I will be successful in life and that I will be getting the things I want. I just had that confidence.

The one thing that I keep telling myself is that, ‘There’s no way I’ll leave this company even though I graduate.’ You guys are kindest people I’ve met, ever. I feel so lucky that I didn’t have to experience bad employers before having an awesome one.

Now, I feel happy of who I am. I give myself pamper days. I go to a facial salon, regularly get my eyes checked and buy things that I can afford. Most importantly, I learned how to save money.

Not only that, you also influenced the people around me. My parents are always grateful of you. They are very happy that I can now help them in house expenses. They tell stories to their friends about me, about you, about the company and the other team members I’ve met in Bohol. Thank you so much for the trip. When I was in High School, I had rich classmates. They went on trips whenever we’re on vacation. Sometimes inside the PH, sometimes outside. Thinking about it makes me kinda want to cry, I felt jealous of them, I envy them. There were days that I thought, ‘Why am I not born like them?’

That’s why when we went to Bohol, I felt really happy. I felt like my high school self has been fulfilled lol hahaha.

Thinking about it, I should’ve not felt jealous. If only I had known what will happen after two years, I will not be jealous. They are still rich and I am not, but the fact that I can consider myself financially stable, that’s what matters to me. Now, there are some people I know who’s jealous of me, and the good things I am having. And I keep telling them, “I also didn’t know how did this happen, I just got lucky because there’s this one employer who accepted me even without the experience and being a student.” That’s why I believe, it’s not always ourselves who can make ourselves better. It also depends on the kind of people you’ll be meeting.

Before, whenever my acquaintances are planning to eat somewhere, I always hesitated because my allowance is not that big. But now, I always eat a lot outside with friends hahaha! That makes me really happy. That I don’t have to think twice anymore.

I feel like a little child telling these things to you. I find it awesome and cute how the other team members are being thankful about their own families and here I am, enjoying my younger days and feeling grateful of the little things hahaha.

I hope you enjoy your new year celebration with your family. Thank you for being a good father, a good husband and a good leader. Happy new year!”

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