A lot, a lot. It’s a quick peek into one of the best nights of my life.

I recently turned 40 and invited people from all phases of my life to spend the weekend. It was with overwhelming gratitude to see family and friends from childhood up to first time in-person meetups with clients and newer online friends.

This all went down about a month ago, and I’ve been thinking for about that same amount of time on how to express my emotions about that weekend and where I’m at in life.

I’m super proud of where I’m at in life, and you should be proud of you, too. If not, change that thing.

  • Say “yes” more.
  • Say “no” more.
  • Do better more.
  • Screw up more.
  • Give yourself grace more.
  • Love yourself more.
  • Stop caring what other people think.
    • No, really. Stop caring what other people think.
  • Eliminate drama from your life, at all costs.
    • You probably don’t have a lack of happiness problem. You have an abundance of other people’s negativity surrounding you. Friends, family, doesn’t matter. Don’t let other people’s problems become yours.

Demand better in your life. The impossible is not impossible.

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