That was a powerful new ad at the Jazz game. Brought a whole stadium full of diverse people together for one thing. To be part of a team.

When I started working with the Jazz nearly two years ago for their new Team Store, the first meeting I had with them was my first visit since the stadium’s naming rights went to Vivint.  The upgrades they made to the stadium to invest in the customer experience were impressive.  A new look and seats that were actually comfortable.

But their marketing? Killing it.

Those words, “This is home. Home is everything.”  No wonder Jazz love (and merchandise sales) is at an all time high. They solved their customer’s problem. A desire to feel part of something bigger.

Whatever industry you are in, customers don’t care if your ad or website have the most perfect pictures or angels whispering in their ear. They care if you can solve their problem.  That can either be a problem that a service fixes (lawyer, plumber, dentist, etc.) or a problem that a product fixes (Amazon sending you Cheetos to solve your hunger problem).

Every customer has a “problem.” Your goal in business is to solve their problem or give them the information that they need to take the next step to solve their problem.