Cyber Monday comes on the heels of Black Friday. It is the culmination of the biggest shopping weekend of the year and a prime opportunity for online stores to bring in huge revenues from shoppers who do not want to brave the Black Friday crowds.

Cyber Monday Customers

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Online retailers can better attract shoppers on Cyber Monday by offering excellent web content. This may include informative and interesting blogs as well as promotional videos of products and services designed to convert browsing customers into buyers.

Targeted Advertising

Advertising is an essential tool in marketing, and media purchases are among the most costly advertising expenses. Due to the high cost, it is important for marketers to purchase only the media that can effectively be directed to a target audience. A well-planned campaign can minimize advertising waste by sending advertisements only to consumers who are likely to purchase an advertised product.

Targeted advertising is focused on certain consumer traits that are typically based on demographic and psychographic factors or behavioral variables like browser or purchase history. Targeted advertising benefits the advertiser because it is cheaper and hones in on viable potential customers. Targeted advertising uses second-order proxies, such as online tracking or mobile activities of consumers, to zero in on the right customers.


Pay Per Click (PPC) is an advertising model that is designed to direct traffic to a website. It is also known as Cost Per Click (CPC). The advertiser pays the publisher, which could be the owner of a website or a group of websites, every time an ad is clicked.

One of the most common forms of PPC advertising is search engine advertising. It comes into play when a customer searches for keywords related to an advertiser’s product. The advertiser can pay to have their ad show up in a search engine’s list of sponsored links. When a customer clicks on their ad, the advertiser pays a small fee to the search engine.

A PPC campaign must determine the group of customers that will be targeted by the ads. The keywords and ad texts must speak to the needs of the targeted audience. The ad should include a “call to action” for the customer to follow after clicking on the ad. It should ultimately drive the users to the advertiser’s website with a specific action in mind. Don’t forget to have your campaign track URLs to analyze the success of your Pay Per Click venture so you can maximize spend where you’re getting an ROI and to trim the fat elsewhere.

Search Engine Optimization

While PPC can offer quick exposure, search engine optimization (SEO) can offer long-term exposure. While SEO may take longer for you to rank and get exposure, the quantity of traffic you can gain has often been cited that organic clicks get 3-to-1 clicks over PPC results. A smart advertiser can use PPC to ignite the flame for quick exposure, and SEO for sustained heat and long-term exposure.