Key to success is dating...

Was asked how to find passion that leads to success?

date phases

Key to success is dating…

Date the phases.

15 years ago I was working a 9-5 job. How did I decide to leave that world? I did the math.  50% of my income came from the day job, 50% from side projects. But day job took up 80% of my time.

When I got to the point that the side projects could pay my bills, despite losing 50% of my income, I figured that was as calculated of a risk as I’d get. That’s when I started a business.

By freeing up that 80% of time I was able to recreate that lost income in just a few months. From there I started on a journey of “dating” being self employed.

At first, it was cool just being able to do my own thing, work late, early, whenever, whatever.

  • After a year or two I matured to dating the next phase and hired a team member or two. Learned the process of taking care of teams, payroll, emotionally supporting them to build a culture.
  • Then dated the next phase of focusing on growth. Documented processes, which supported growing to 5, then 10 team members.
  • After conquering that comfort level, 10-20 team members was nothing. But 20 – 30… that’s a different ball game to date.

Learn to love the dating phases, even if you’re not an entrepreneur. Learn to love dating your personal phases of life.

As you grow, keep the parts you appreciate, and steer away from those you don’t. You can build your own thing your own way until you find which “date” you want to “marry.”