It started as an accident, but now it happens ever few weeks.
I spent good money and it was in pieces an hour later.
Every few weeks I take my boys to -what they affectionately call- the “break apart” store.
My kids roam and I let them chose something to break apart.
The find some sort of old electronic, a cool gadget, or unique whatchamacallit.
We take it home and they disassemble it.
It’s a great opportunity for them to:
👉 imagine
👉 learn
👉 re-assemble
👉 self-discover
The idea came from designing and optimizing websites over the last decade.
Sometimes you have to think outside of the box.
Break down the process then reassemble.
Sometimes the non-traditional approaches in life is what you learn the most from.
Some would say the break apart store is a waste of money.
I consider it an investment in creativity.