New client. Only 9 months into SEO. +$227,280 profit
increase organic revenue
That’s net profit, not gross. Here’s their breakdown:
+ $245,982 in organic-only revenue
(I excluded paid, direct, referral, etc.)
+ $18,700 spent in SEO
+ $227,280+ profit in 9 months in only organic revenue
Not to mention that ~20%+ of “direct” traffic is often mis-categorized and is really SEO, so likely even a greater increase.
Plus, the positive benefits that SEO has on increasing their ad quality score through improved page speed and content relevancy, which lowers their PPC cost-per-click, increasing paid ad revenue. And, and, and, through more targeted traffic their conversion rate has increased as well as their average order value by +$35.
Ignore all those added benefits and -at the very least- they’ve still 10x’d their return in less than nine months, month after month.
Can I get a hallelujah?

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