It's a birthday for me.  Kinda'.

February 2007 is when I took the entrepreneurial leap and started SEO National. One year after starting, the 2008 recession hit.  By focusing on building relationships, 2008 was among the best growth years (relative to income the first few years).

Fast forward to 2020, another recession. Many businesses, understandably, had to tighten their budget. But the relationships I cared so much for and fostered over the years doubled down on the relationships they trusted.

The SEO National crew helped some businesses make more in a month than they used to all year. That blessing lead to history repeating itself, bringing another record year for SEO National helping mom and pops up to international billion dollar brands… all in the middle of another recession.

Creeping closer to three dozen on staff, welcomed three more to the team last week and just posted two more job opportunities today.

This month is SEO National’s 14 years birthday and there’s no sign of slowing.

It's a birthday for me.  Kinda'.