So I did a thing. I had a birthday recently.

As I get older I don’t get bummy about aging.

I’m pretty confident and happy with where I am in life.

I love my wife and kids more than anything.

I love my company and team at SEO National.

I get the privilege of calling the best companies in the world “customers.”

But I do get reflective.

I also appreciate simplicity more.

Longer summers, shorter winters.

Faster weekdays, slower weekends.

More hours in the day, less bags under the eyes.

Less women fighting over me ;) and more of my wife. She’s such a babe.

She’s too good to me.

She’s patient when I’m ornery.

She’s loving towards the kids when they’re not-so-loving to each other.

And she just loves our daughter so uniquely.

So for this birthday I wished for nothing. I already have it all.


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