If the fact that Bezos, Gates, and Jobs started their billion-dollar companies in a garage isn’t proof enough that you can start making a difference from your home, what is?  Business, political, or otherwise, you can decide what that difference is.

But unlike these giants (or “unicorns,” as I referred to them in yesterday’s post)… I’m just a simple guy, BUT… with the same capability to make a difference.

And you have that capability, too.

The attached message came as a surprise from a person who I didn’t do anything specific for.

  • I didn’t do them any favors.
  • They’re not an SEO client of mine.
  • I didn’t do anything special. At least at face value.

Instead, a simple post I made at some point inspired them to take action, and this was their message of gratitude.

The beauty of the internet is not measured only by tech giants and gazillion-dollar businesses, but also through…

  • making “human” connections with someone beyond the computer screen
  • inspiring and being inspired by someone you barely know
  • cultivating knowledge from community learning

🔥 Your bedroom can be the HQ of the next biggest food industry disruptor

🔥 Your mobile screen can be your highest income-generating storefront

🔥 Your inbox can be the avenue where you and your best client meet

Everything is waiting at the tip of your fingers, at the comfort of your own home. But YOU have to make the move.

I’m willing to bet that someone online has inspired you to be better, but you’ve never met them in person.  Isn’t it amazing that you can impact someone across the world… without wearing pants?

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