Stop looking for mythical inspiration.  Unicorns like Musk, Bezos, and Zuck aren’t the norm.  Know what’s normal? Mistakes, screw ups, and failures.  They’re everywhere, and endless.

I’ve learned WAY more from seeing what others did wrong so that I could do the opposite and do right.

  • Some of my previous employers were straight up a-holes (plenty were awesome too). Huge turnover, toxic work environment.
    • So I learned instead to greatly appreciate my team’s contributions and them as individuals. From that?… Zero turnover… ever.
  • Saw entrepreneur friends constantly “drowning in opportunity.” Chasing everything, all while miserable.
    • I stuck to one thing, SEO, and ignored everything else.

That bad you see in others can become the good you see in yourself. Inspiration is everywhere when you know how to look at it the right way.

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