A Gift to Help Those That Helped You

From 2000 – 2006 I worked on-air in radio.

17 years ago, my first date with my wife Aleah Burton was a radio event.

My friend Jake, from radio, did the music for our wedding.

And ahead of getting married, I submitted a note to my radio boss Kevin Cruise that I’d like to take time off to prepare for that wedding.

I never went back to radio.

But the friendships I’ve made will last a lifetime, and many of those friendships have been reborn and evolved into even more amazing relationships.

Former radio boss Kevin Cruise (radio name) is now friend Mike Gura (real name) and he recently exited radio as well.

If you know anything about radio, it’s hard to get out of. There’s so much passion behind that talent; pure love for music and an internal drive to entertain.

Mike moved on to real estate and it’s been awesome to see him hold that same level of enthusiasm in his new career that he had in radio. I helped him launch a website last year and continue supporting him with strategies to be seen online and grow his brand as a realtor.

Mike wrote the attached note.

He, among many others from the radio chapter of life, started in mentor roles. They gave me chances and helped me grow in areas they could best support. It’s a gift and means so much to be able to return that favor in areas that I can now best support some of them.

A Gift to Help Those That Helped You