Two days ago I posted on Facebook about walking into a late night:

  1. starting the late night
  2. encouragement from my son as he went to bed
  3. end of night recap
  4. waking up to coffee from my wife

Ended up crushing it that night, but calling it a day at 2 a.m. meant walking into the next day on only 4 hours of sleep.

sleep hug

loves from my daughter

I don’t do that often these days, nor am I saying to grind yourself away. But, here is how the next day (yesterday) went…

Understandably, it crossed my mind that I’d be burned out. When I checked the calendar, yikes, I had three podcasts to do and a call with a new lead. Hope I pull through.

Yet, 4 hours of sleep later… I KILLED IT.

Had one of the best feeling days in a while. So I started thinking, “why?”

  • I’m physically tired
  • But mentally ready to take over the world

It’s because the first podcast I delivered one of the most passion-driven interviews ever. That set positive momentum that carried throughout the rest of the day.

  • When you love what you do, you can raise it up a level whenever you need
  • When you love what you do, you want so spread that love
  • When you love what you do, you want to inspire others

Granted, I also looked more tired than usual, but when you care more about helping others than their opinion of how you look that day you freakin’ deliver.

So I rose up and delivered.