Let’s jump into a time machine…

2:00 am baby barf 🤮

3:something more puke

4:00 am bedding laundry

5:00 am wake up to optimize a client’s site

6:00 am workout

7:00 am coffee

7:45 kid snuggles

8:00 wife hugs

Family time

9:30 am call with SEO client in Australia

10:30 am chat with Facebook marketer in Finland

11:00 am call with SEO lead in California

1 pm meeting with other real estate property owners

Work everywhere between

3 pm in-person meeting with national SEO account

5 pm end meeting to rush home

5:30 pm carrying a person I love over the threshold in my
arms wearing a suit from the day’s meetings.

Except the threshold is the pediatrician’s office and this person I love is my other barfing child

Welcome to yesterday.

Successful work-life balance is having the freedom to drop everything when you need to take care of the important stuff, while still managing to keep everything running smoothly.