Just woke from a nap.  What you don’t see in this picture is three types of care going on.

  1. self care

Me caring for myself, because naps fix everything.

  1. A friend caring for me

“Naps fix everything” is actually what the pillow says. When I told my friend Bunny Young that I enjoy taking naps outside on my kids trampoline, she sent me the pillow.

  1. The hoodie says “Jeff Giving a Hand.” I just received it from a friend, Jeff Soelberg, yesterday.

The bit of the logo you can see behind the pillow is a thumb and two prosthetic fingers. A few years ago he had an accident that resulted in the loss of a few fingers.

As a result, he actually counts his blessing. He found a bit of a new calling in life, helping other amputees, and he started a non-profit called “Jeff Giving a Hand.”

I’ve known Jeff since I was a baby. Legit, he probably even changed my diaper at some point. It was an honor to help him design that logo.

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