Just woke from a nap.  What you don’t see in this picture is three types of care going on.

naps fix everything

“naps fix everything”

  1. self care

Me caring for myself, because naps fix everything.

  1. A friend caring for me

“Naps fix everything” is actually what the pillow says. When I told my friend Bunny Young that I enjoy taking naps outside on my kids trampoline, she sent me the pillow.

  1. The hoodie says “Jeff Giving a Hand.” I just received it from a friend, Jeff Soelberg, yesterday.

The bit of the logo you can see behind the pillow is a thumb and two prosthetic fingers. A few years ago he had an accident that resulted in the loss of a few fingers.

As a result, he actually counts his blessing. He found a bit of a new calling in life, helping other amputees, and he started a non-profit called “Jeff Giving a Hand.”

I’ve known Jeff since I was a baby. Legit, he probably even changed my diaper at some point. It was an honor to help him design that logo.