$10 Goes a Long Way

Gave a guy $10 over the weekend and I can’t stop thinking about his reaction.

Took the kids up to a resort hotel over the weekend, “just because.” Wanted to get out and hang somewhere one more time before school started.

$10 Goes a Long Way

Weekend went awesome. Ended up running into a good friend from school days, who had another good friend come up. Met their families, caught up. You know those friends that you can go years without seeing but pick right back up? Kinda’ like that.

End of the night comes and kids want pizza. I order delivery online and it allows you to add the tip to the online order. Added $10.

45 minutes later there’s a knock at the hotel door. My seven year old hops up excited. Knowing it’s Mr. pizza delivery guy, I swing the door open dramatically and say, “pizza’s here!”

He hands my son a smaller box of breadsticks for him to carry. Then he hands me the larger pizza boxes and looks right at me and says…

“I doubled the sauces for you, because… you… you gave me such a good tip. Thank you so much.”

In a bit of an awkward engagement, he couldn’t find the words to properly express his gratitude, but damn, he sure did a good job of letting his emotions tell it for him.


Ten dollars.

That’s all it took to impact someone. And I can’t stop thinking about it.

A little perspective goes a long way.