Like many of you, I was raised with an alcoholic in the family. šŸŗ
Holes in the wall and shouting matches were a weekly routine.
Circumstances like this can be a blessing in disguise.
While I’d never wish anyone to go through that, kid or adult, later you realize how much you learn from that environment.
If you’re willing, you learn how to succeed by witnessing what you DON’T want and how NOT to do things.
šŸš« how NOT to act
šŸš« how NOT to treat your kids
šŸš« that you DON’T want to struggle
āœ… that you DO want stability
As an adult, prior to starting my own business, I had a similar experience with an employer.
šŸš« I learned how NOT to treat my employees.
āœ… How you SHOULD show appreciation.
The key phrase in these circumstances is “if you’re willing.”
Musician Kirk Franklin summarized it nicely with a short story in 2013.
Two twin boys were raised by an alcoholic father.
One grew up to be an alcoholic and when asked what happened he said, “I watched my father.”
The other grew up and never drank in his life
When he was asked what happened he said, “I watched my father.”
Two boys, same dad, two different perspectives.
Your perspective in life will determine your destination.
Today’s a new day. Go.