Two weeks ago I was in this room. Those walking by the glass hallway knew everyone in there did at least a million last year… some well into 8 figures.

But what I saw from inside the glass had little to do with financial success. I saw givers.

mastermind give ask

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We each stood up and “gave” then “asked.”  The “gives” were our super powers. We shared where we’re crushing it and how others can learn and repeat those strategies.  Then, if you had a problem you were hoping to solve you just asked.

Every. Single. Person that asked had their question answered IMMEDIATELY by someone else in the group.

Sure, we were there to support each other in business, but the small talk in between was almost always unrelated to business. Instead, it was about impact. How you can help more people. How you can give back more. How you can bring others up.

Want to level up?

  • Be honest with yourself.
  • Be vulnerable with others.
  • Surround yourself with winners.