You can't do that.

⛔️ “You can’t do that.”

⛔️ “That’s a little extreme.”

⛔️ “Why don’t you do this instead?”

These are comments I see others fall victim to.

Comments like these cause hesitation.

Hesitation leads to delay.

Delay leads to “never.”

And with that, your goals and dreams die.

The mind is funny. It will can take you anywhere you want to go, but can also be the biggest hurdle in front of you.

Now is an amazing time in history. There are next to zero limitations anymore in what you can do or be.

Your biggest limits usually end up being your own opinions of yourself.

But why?

Because your opinions of yourself are based on your fear of others’ opinions.

And that’s why it’s funny. Because the people further along than you want to bring you up with them. And the opinion of the people below you shouldn’t matter.

Realistically, that means the only opinion of yourself should be towards forward momentum.

The fact that you only live once, why wouldn’t you go big? ❤️