Tony Robbin’s speech at Funnel Hacking Live 2021 about feeding others made me (legit) cry. He talked about how, as a child, their family had nothing at Thanksgiving.  Someone came, hearing they were in need, to gift them with groceries.s

His father had been yelling at his mom.  He thought the food was amazing in itself but, yay!, also an opportunity to have dad calm down.  Instead, his dad took the stranger’s generosity offensively.  After all, he, as a man, couldn’t take care of his own family?  At least that’s what Tony said his dad thought.

That experience was forever cemented in his head, and was the catalyst for his mission to feed a billion people.

I’ve felt that same thing, converting negative into positive.  Just last year I walked up the steps to multiple strangers home to be “just the delivery guy” to feed a family that had too much pride to ask for help.

Years before that, knowing too directly the impact that free school lunches have on underprivileged children, I paid off an entire school county’s past due school lunch balances.

success changes others

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This is why I related on more levels than one to Tony Robbins saying “Don’t make your family suffer because of your ego.”

My wife and kids are my best friends. I take them everywhere… including FHL. (video below)

Sure, they get to have fun and hang out at the pool while I work.  But I also take moments during the day to invite them down, one-by-one, to meet the people I do business with.  Or maybe I walk them around the convention to meet speakers.  I immerse them in what I’m doing so it plants seeds for appreciation later in life.

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