Funny how success pisses other people off. I’ve learned that success changes people around you more than yourself.

Have family I haven’t talked to in years because they were mad when they saw a news story go national about how I donated $2k to pay for school lunches for low income K-12 students. Wasn’t a problem when I helped them with bills.

✅ Help other people. Cool

❌ Help other people that’s not them? Not cool.

I have a neighbor being passive aggressive because I’m building an indoor pool. Still not sure why on this one. Pulled permits and city approved building without any property exceptions needed. Was cool in concept, but not cool now that it’s a reality. Joneses?

success changes others

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Have friends that stopped talking to me after business took off. I still reach out to them and invite them to do the same things we’ve always done. They just stopped answering. The idea of success wasn’t a problem when it was just an idea. But now that it’s here it seems to be.

Guess seeing others win magnifies your own insecurities and makes other people responsible for your own doubts. And if that line triggers you, maybe look in the mirror.

“Must be nice.”

The quote of all quotes. The more you hear that, the more you know you have made it.

Weird how all of the things others are pissed off at in my life has nothing to do with theirs.