Late nights

Early mornings

Double shifts, all day shifts

Constant pressure

Bags under your eyes

Mental exhaustion

Little social life

Few of your friends “get” your hustle

Sacrifices left and right

entrepreneurship is hard

(Pixabay / Alexas_Fotos)

BUT I’m in it to create a LEGACY, and I wouldn’t change anything because now I have…

  • Financial stability to support my family and the freedom for my wife to stay home
  • Financial security to travel and exposing my kids to experiences
  • Freedom to make my own schedule to never miss my kids sporting or school activities
  • The luxury of walking my kids to school each morning because I WANT that time holding their hand while they’ll still let me.
  • And getting to do it again on the way home from school.
  • Getting off early on a Friday to surprise the kids and go get donuts… or to fly to San Diego and let them play at the beach… or BOTH.
  • The flexibility to take a break from work at any moment just because I want to hold my infant daughter and hear her innocent laugh.
  • The happiness in walking upstairs from my home office just to give my wife a hug.

Who cares what other people think? Do what you want to do in life.

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