What a Story. Winning vs Winners

What was scheduled for a 15-30 minute Zoom turned into nearly two hours of talking and laughing.

A new friend on social sent me a private message the other day, curious if I’d answer some business questions to help them with their new’ish business.  With no expectations or strings attached, I said yes.

The first 90 minutes we didn’t even really talk business. We talked about napping on bean bags in our offices, kids, family, houses, and ziplines in our backyards (literally).

  • Ziplines for your kids? Who does that?!
  • Bean bags in your office? Someone else does that?!

Talking to another person that shares something unique with you… those are the best bonds.

We finally talked business and gave advise when he asked.  After our call I grabbed a copy of my SEO book, wrote him a note in it, put it in a kraft envelope, stamped it with a wax seal, put that in a gold envelope and sent it off.  A few days later… this email:

You’re incredible! What an amazing golden nugget of a package that you sent. I’m grateful for your book, but even more impressed and excited about everything else that went into it.

The personal touches were awesome: the packaging, stamp, note, personal written note, etc. So happy to have met you and excited to be friends. THANKS FOR MAKING ME WANT TO UP MY GAME IN EVERYTHING ELSE I DO.”

That last line, that’s the difference between winning and winners. Winners are always winning, not just sometimes. Because they level up by leveling others up.

This is how you build a tribe, friendships, business and evangelists in one motion.

What a Story. Winning vs Winners