Unemployment is at an all-time low today. That means that employees are choosier than ever when it comes to accepting job offers. When unemployment was at its peak, many applicants would take any kind of job offer. They were hungry for work — regardless of the salary package that came with it.

Unique Benefits for Your Employees

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Things have shifted in the current labor market. Employers need to provide better salary and benefits packages to attract qualified workers. To entice an applicant to accept a job offer, many employers are moving beyond traditional vacation and health insurance packages.

Here are just a few less-conventional benefits you could offer to potential employees:

  • Student loan repayment — Many young employees are stuck paying large chunks of their salaries towards student loans. An offer by an employer to assist in repaying of these loans can be very attractive.
  • Educational opportunities — On the tailcoats of the first suggestion, consider offering your workers paid opportunities to learn more in their field. This will make them more well-rounded and knowledgeable and allow them to feel more enriched and empowered.
  • Gym membership — Employees perform better when they are fit. Consider offering gym memberships to employees as a mutually beneficial perk.
  • Insurance — Automobile and home insurance take a big chunk out of a worker’s paycheck. As an employer, you can often get bulk discounts on insurance plans. Find an economical plan and offer it to your employees.

Offering additional benefits packages will provide strong incentive for potential employees to accept a job offer and for current employees to be happy and remain with your company for years to come.

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