A business need not look very far for the secret formula to success. The key to excelling is always within management’s reach in the form of its employees. Employees are a company’s most important resource. Some businesses may have very little capital or inventory, but as long as its employees are engaged, they can thrive.

Happy Employees International Friendship Day

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With the International Day of Friendship on August 6, it’s a good time to reevaluate the relationship between employees and employers. If there is not an allegiance between the two, it’s time to do some repair work.

Some employees are checked out. They don’t always follow direction. They don’t exert extra effort to try new ideas or solve problems. If that is the mindset of the employees, then a paycheck is the only thing that connects them to the company. If something goes wrong with the company, these employees will not hesitate to leave because there are no underlying feelings of loyalty.

Employees appreciate being valued and treated like family and friends—not just entities to help the company’s bottom line. If they are regarded as invaluable assets, the feeling in the workplace can begin to change, and employees can become more invested and engaged.

When employees are engaged, they feel like they are partners in achieving company goals. They feel safe and valued and willing to invest in the company’s future. They are also more likely to pay their respect forward to patrons, resulting in better customer service.

When you respect and empower your employees as friends and teammates, the whole company will benefit. A little extra effort today can yield big results in fostering a happy workplace environment and increased productivity.

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