Remember my post last week about taking my wife out of town for a date weekend and renting a Lamborghini Huracán off Turo?

Two days after I returned it, dude put in a damage claim.

Damage inside a door jam that I saw the moment he opened it for pickup.

I text the guy 10 seconds after getting the in-app claim notification. Guy never replied.

In retrospect, it all makes sense. When I picked it up, he was like, “I already took a ton of pics so no need.”

I logged into the app. Sure enough, he took more pics than usual, so I didn’t take any more.

In hindsight, he took pics of everything except what he later claimed I damaged.

Buuut, when taking pics of us in front of where I proposed nearly 20 years ago, I took a random ass pic of the Huracán kick plate while the door was open (attached in this post). After taking it, I’m like, “What a trash pic. Car is dirty, floor is wet from rain. I should just delete it.” For some reason I thought, “eh, should keep it for some reason.”

That pic saved my ass.

Showed historical damage and, what I think saved me, rust. Rust doesn’t just happen in 24 hours.

Neither does the damage, but I didn’t know if they had auto-savvy people looking at these pics, or a random person that knows nothing about mechanics.

A few days later, Turo called and said they closed the case in my favor.

Lesson learned.

Take 10,000 more pics than you think you need.

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