Surprised her with tickets to the “O” show and a Huracán for the weekend in Vegas. The unscripted parts of the trip were the funnest. Randomly driving around and seeing the Palms building was an awesome memory.

date night

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Next year will be 20 years since we flew to Vegas for a concert. What my wife didn’t know is that the week before I asked her dad for his blessing to ask his daughter to marry me.

He said yes, and the next week’s plans were a go.  I also think that moment with her dad is what imprinted me on him to still remember me during his dementia.

After the concert, we went out for drinks. I had reserved, not just a VIP table but, the entire balcony at the Ghostbar.  Concierge whisked us past the line, to the top of the building, and had a private table for us. (See balcony at the top of the building behind me in the pic.)

After hanging out for a while, a tap on my shoulder, “Can I get you anything, Mr. Burton?”

Since this was before smart phones, that was my queue to pass him the digital camera behind my back that I had in my pocket so he could record me proposing.

That’s when he cleared off ~50 people from the observation balcony and put a wall of 6′ 5″+ 250lb+ security guards to block off the entrance to the balcony for everyone… but us.

I asked my wife if she wanted to go check out the view. Was a cool feeling seeing all the wheels in motion of months of planning to propose to her. She didn’t even notice the seas parting for us between the security guards on the way outside. 😆

On the deck there was a 3 x 3 foot glass panel, looking hundreds of feet down.

On the glass panel, I took a knee, whispered a few things for us, and before I could even ask her to marry me, the crowd behind Moses’ wall was yelling “just say yes!”

She did.

She was the hit of the party afterwards in the women’s bathroom. 😂

Wild how 20 years ago can feel like a lifetime and just yesterday, at the same time.

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