Missing my wife and my kids, while having shower thoughts in the hotel the other day.

Not in a sad way, super grateful.

Was gone just two days, but appreciate them and this life so much.

My wife, “Hottie,” has been making progress on starting a charity that’s very personal to her.

The kids are growing too fast, like always, but are all growing into their next phase, which is always cool to see. Their personalities, emerging passions.

That trip, I was able to speak to a great group about how to win in business and life. Get to travel and do cool things. Usually bring my wife and kids everywhere, but this is a short trip.

Life is so good if you give it enough time going after what YOU want, stop making excuses, stop making exceptions, stop saying “yes” when you know it’s a no, stop saying “no” when you know “yes” is right but you’re just scared.

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