This. Trips. Me. Out.

Two years ago I almost got stuck in the Philippines. I flew there March 7, uh, 2020… the entire country shut down just five days later. I got out with something like 18 hours to spare before being stuck “30 days,” which turned into way longer than that.

But the trip was amazing. I went island hopping, snorkeling, kayaking through river cave systems and, most importantly, met the international part of my team in-person.

If you look at James, the gentleman on the right in black, he’s wearing a shirt the team made from the previous trip. It’s a silhouette of my bearded face. 😆

We built amazing bonds which I was able to solidify even further when the world shut down a week later and could confidently tell them “It’ll be okay. Your job is secure.”

Just two years later we have grown from a team of a dozen to nearly 60.

Our copywriters and quality control managers are in the US, but our designers and research team is in the Philippines. And in this picture you can see that we went from seven international team members in 2020 to nearly three dozen.

The international team got together last week and the US team together in October.

I flew them all to meet, bond, and virtually experience Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within and the pic on the right was the first one they sent me.

Their retreat makes me emotional.

For some, it’s a reunion from two years ago. For others, it’s their first time out of their home in two years. For some, it’s their first time flying, ever.

So may firsts.

And a few now have kids!

The fact that as a single person I can directly support so many people is mind blowing. Not just them, but their wife, husband, kids.

And in return, those people support me. I couldn’t love this team more.