“Just plain nice.” Doesn’t sound sexy, but it’s what matters most to me on this note.

employee trust

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Building a successful company with a loyal team doesn’t always require investor money. Most times, it doesn’t require any investment capital at all.

I can simplify all of my accomplishments down to two things.

  1. Documented processes
  2. Trust

Get your processes in line then get out of your own way and hire a team (one-by-one if needed to bootstrap) until you have an army of people that you trust supporting you and knocking out the work.

Trust is where the magic happens. What they really meant when they said “just plain nice” is “thank you for trusting me.”

I have three dozen team members, all of which I trust.

  • I trust them to try
  • I trust them to make mistakes
  • I trust them to learn from the mistakes
  • I trust them to make decisions on their own
  • I trust them to ask for help when they’re too scared to decide

When a company gifts trust… gratitude, productivity and loyalty are the rewards.

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