Team Member Milestone

The other day I thought the SEO National team was creeping up on 50 total team members. Just realized SEO National passed 50 a while ago.

I was finalizing candidates for another 5-10 positions that would bring us to the milestone, but just counted and we’re ALREADY at 53 without filling those spots yet..

January 2020 = 15 on the team.  Took the SEO company from 15 > 50 peeps in a year and a half.

Impossible without documented processes.

  • Day 1: Welcome to the team
  • Day 2: Here is our project management system
  • Day 3: Rock n’ roll

In addition to documentation making scaling possible, also protects your sanity. Couldn’t imagine manually training that many people. Everything would take twice as long since it’s two people doing one thing. Fulfillment wouldn’t be as quality controlled, and other new stuff would get behind due to the double training manpower.

Team Member Milestone