Thanks, Cancun. It’s been real. This opportunity to speak re-confirmed multiple things…

  1. I like speaking.

Speaking is personally rewarding to make an impact on others.

This presentation, I talked about that. In addition to sharing with entrepreneurs how to build a multi-million dollar business, I also talked about what brought me to that stage; being vulnerable.

  1. I love my family.

I love my wife. I’m proud of my kids. I like talking about them and sharing that love with others.

I weave them into my presentations, everything.

  1. Build the lifestyle that you desire.

I flew in yesterday, landed at 3pm, spoke at 8pm, had dinner, went to bed, woke up and now I’m flying home.

The venue, Xcaret, is a beach-front 5-star resort. It’s breathtaking. I had the opportunity to stay for a week. I chose one day, because I love home.

Four hour flight to stay less than 24 hours in another country, because the lifestyle I desire is impacting others without sacrificing family time.

The boundaries and rules you want to follow are up to you to define.