Inter Miami player’s jersey = $45 👚

Exact same shirt, only difference is the word “Messi” = $150.

SEO personal branding

“I’ll take five, please.”

Not sure if I’m amazed or just got robbed. 😂 But I’ll always pay a premium for the opportunity to create core memories for my kids.

That’s the power of personal branding.

You have a personal brand, and your website is part of it.  It’s there, a virtual 24/7 sales machine. You either leverage it or waste it.

Why even build a website if you’re not going to leverage it?

People flew from all over the world, myself included, going out of their way to throw money at the name Messi.

SEO builds up the authority of your site, lifting your brand on Google so people from all over the internet may go out of their way to throw money.

And when Messi leaves Miami his personal brand carries with him to the next team, just like good SEO also carries over from one search engine to another.

Better Branding = Better Sales

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