These were the most searched phrases this year.

good SEO

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Some are surprising, some not. Interesting what trends. Got me thinking; Here’s where most SEO companies go wrong and why so many customers have had bad luck with a search engine optimization agency…

They “SEO” everything.

Instead of SEO’ing content, you should solve your audience’s problems by writing about solutions that make their life easier. Then, they trust you.

“If these guys helped me and solved this problem in my life for free, I can’t imagine how much better my life would be if I also paid them.”

My team digs heavy into data on search demand when we board new SEO accounts. Our goal is to align the content strategy with buyer intent. To find problems customers in your market already have, then create content that solves those problems, defines you as the expert with the answer, and opens the door for them to your website so they buy your thing.

Good SEO is about understanding your buyers and making you the hero that makes their lives better.