I have a confession to make.

And it involves grossing $1,048,949 in eight months.

If you don’t implement a plan and execute it with patience, then you aren’t setting yourself up for success.

Optimizing your website is like cooking from recipe book.

✅ list what ingredients you’ll need (make a plan)
✅ pick up your ingredients (get your resources organized)
start cooking (strategize and start executing)
✅ adjust to taste (pivot as needed)
✅ bake (be patient with SEO)

With the right recipe and ingredients, every meal is a success.

Likewise for SEO.

Some meals take longer to cook, and so do some industries to rank.

My SEO client in this screenshot tripled their average order from $130 to $420, and now makes more in a month than they used to in a year.

With a little strategy and a lot of patience, I’d take $1,048,949 in eight months over their $87,549 from last decade, any day.

SEO recipe