One of our copywriters, Megan, and her husband went out of their way and bought cookies for a new gourmet cookie shop we’re doing SEO for. She’s the writer on the account and she wanted to taste test and immerse herself in the product. 🤯

SEO content

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It’s so annoying (and unfortunate) when you see businesses whose SEO provider writes a bunch of garbage…

  • copying and pasting text from other websites
  • blabbering “keyword, keyword, keyword”
  • low quality, outsourced writers
  • stealing from Wikipedia

Might have worked pre-2011, but to crush your competition and dominate Google you have to solve customers’ problems by writing unique, well researched, value added, buyer intent specific content.

Can’t explain how much our in-house content writing team rocks.

PS – Looks like Brownie Marshmallow and Frosted Oatmeal Raisin are the go-to’s!