Oh, man.  Do you know how many times I’ve read “SEO is dead” in my 14 year career?  Take that number and multiply it by infinity.

I’m never a marketer to throw rocks at other forms of advertising.  It’s a bit of irony though after all these years to see that search engine optimization is still crushing paid ads. That’s not a jab, PPC can work; just facts. And the uphill battle for paid ads looks to only be getting worse.

Here’s why SEO is crushing paid ads.

❌ paid ads are increasingly expensive
❌ paid ad budgets are all over the place
❌ everyone is sick of their ad accounts being shut down

✅ SEO has a fixed cost
✅ return on investment increases as cost stays the same
✅ zero ad budget involved so no ad account closure to worry about

paid ads are dying

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That’s not even the main point though. Other URGENT reasons why #SEO never died and is growing in importance:

  • In January 2020, Google announced an end to third-party cookies within 2 years (that’s next year!)
  • Facebook is pushing their audience data and direct APIs to replace cookies

Paid ads aren’t really dying, and they’ll never go away. But what’s your next move with paid ads if you lose the ability to directly track them?

Search engine optimization is your opportunity to target your customers in a better way, without “disrupting” them with a “pattern interrupt” to distract them with a paid ad.

SEO attracts customers to your #business based on buyer intent > meaning they already want your product > higher conversion rate > $$$

The opportunity for you to target consumers based on pixels is dying, literally. SEO is your lifeline.