Many people dream of climbing the corporate ladder or becoming a boss of their own company, thinking that the position will bring power and prestige. But those who realize their dream of moving up the company’s ranks may soon realize that leadership is not as easy as they thought it would be. Performing your responsibilities while at the same time managing others can be overwhelming. Stress can lead to irritability and a lack of confidence, which can lead to a team of employees that do not respect you.

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To maintain a cohesive and productive environment, it’s critical that employees respect their leaders. Here are some things that could erode respect between workers and their managers:

  • You (don’t) get what you give – Respect is a two-way street. Your employees will not respect you if you do not respect them. Even if you are not happy with your employees’ performance, you should still respect them as individuals.
  • You are too nice – Leaders are expected to be kind to their employees, but when you are nice to a fault it can lead to a lack of respect, too. If you are always going easy on your employees, they will take it easy on the job. Be respectful but firm when dealing with difficult employees.
  • You don’t value employees’ personal lives – Be empathetic when your employees are having a hard time. Death, injury, illness, divorce and other misfortunes can cause great difficulty in people’s lives.
  • Set deadlines – Most jobs need to be done within a time limit for maximum efficiency. Working with no end goal in sight can encourage the breakdown of discipline among your employees.
  • You keep changing your mind – Don’t be indecisive. Once a task is assigned, allow the given time frame as an opportunity for the employee to succeed.
  • You use others as a scapegoat – As the leader of an organization, the buck stops with you. That means that you must accept ultimate responsibility when things break down in your organization. Always blaming your employees will erode their esteem for you.

By establishing firm expectations, being consistent, and valuing your employees as fellow human beings, you can earn your employees’ respect and increase company morale.

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