Gosh, dang. I love this person.

Liz Benny

I’d heard about Liz Benny for a year or two among our mutual friends. Everyone that knows her has nothing but good things to say about the Queen of Kapow… but never met her until this year.

Briefly introduced myself in passing at FHL in September.

Wasn’t until a few days later she posted that her and another friend of mine had connected. I sent her a message that he’s a good guy, was flying out to his bday party that week, and was glad they met. That opened up the door for us to chat.

She instantly found a big spot in my life.

All of our mutual contacts are entrepreneurs. We could have talked about all things business, but I went straight personal. I don’t think we talked much business at all in that first 30+ minute call. Ended up being where we fit nicely together.

As she said yesterday, “Know what I love about our conversations? We get straight to it. Straight to the deep stuff.”

We’ve since had a bunch of Zooms, are scheduled to podcast together, and Voxer weekly.

Parts of our lives have shared eerily similar journeys.

We’ve helped each other in our areas of expertise.

I’ve cried with her.

She’s going to change the world and deserves everything that comes from it.

I’m grateful for good people in my life. Thanks for being one of them, Liz Benny.

Liz Benny

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