Limos, douche bags, stop thinking small, and conspiracy theories.

Went to Vegas the other weekend. Had a good time. An interesting time, but good.

I brought a friend and wanted to make the trip about him. Seeing people happy is my jam lately.  So I reserved a limo to pick us up from the airport. The chauffeur had a sign ready with my friend’s name on it.

“Ha, weird.  That guy’s got the same name as me.”  My friend said.  Then he realized the sign was for him.  Once inside the limo he had champagne waiting. We talked about the future and I dug deep to get him to open up about the possibilities. To think outside the box. And seeing something click inside others is the most rewarding feeling.

We dropped off our bags at the hotel, then hopped back in the limo and went straight to the High Roller/Eye of Vegas ferris wheel.  My friend is a bit nervous about heights. The limo was a surprise, but I was considerate enough to tell him in advance about the ferris wheel. I wanted him to have fun and push his boundaries, but in a respectable and safe way.

We met some great people in the observation gondola as we checked out the Vegas skyline at night.  After the courteous boundary-pushing was done we went ziplining from the ferris wheel. Didn’t tell him that one was coming. 😆


Later in the trip we grabbed some juice at Walmart. My friend walked out from the store maybe 10 seconds ahead of me. When I caught up he was already deep into a conversation with a lady. Took me a sec to catch up in the conversation, then realized it was about… chemtrails.

“They’re sprayin’ us to slay us,” she said.

The lady was nice. Genuinely, super nice. We listened and it seems that’s all she wanted. Was someone to hear her out.

As we walked away we said “have a good day.” She enthusiastically replied, “You too! And thanks for listening!” With an astronomically wide grin.

People just want to be happy. I love it.  And you should be too.

I don’t post the limo and the weekend’s fun to be a douche bag. I post it to tell you to stop thinking small.

  • That limo? Maybe $50 more than an Uber. There are hundreds of limo companies in Vegas. Supply and demand.  Had we wanted a ride directly from the airport to the hotel, with no back and forth added to go to the ferris wheel, maybe $10 more than an Uber. For $10 I’ll get a limo every time. Why not feel good?
  • The “VIP” gondola on the High Roller. Bought on sale online for something like $50.
  • The zipline? An upsell after buying the High Roller tix. $12.

About $100 that night was all that I spent above and beyond what most people would spend for an Uber to go straight to their room and watch TV.

That return on investment from that $100 in fun was way better than a $100 worth of Starbucks for the month.

Seeing my friend have an opportunity to “let loose” was way better than, well, just about anything.

Stop thinking small. “Living big” or just having fun isn’t as big as a stretch as you probably think. You deserve it.