Wanting nothing but the best for others is bitter-sweet when you’re willing to continue to level up your team until they graduate to bigger and better things, sometimes literally graduate.

One of my team members just passed her exams and is now officially a registered nurse. But, c’mon. Her gratitude in the attached screenshot… 🤯

“I can’t forget, it was the time of the pandemic when you welcomed me to SEO National. It was a hopeless time, but I’m beyond blessed to be on the team.

Even though we have been all remote ever since we never felt that you were far away from us, we appreciate how you are supportive in our mental/physical health, growth, our family, our way of comfort while working, and our happiness. That really means a lot! I celebrate this success to you and the team.”

In the 15 years since starting this agency, only once (just last year) had I met any of the team in person. Just six of sixty. But I’d put their loyalty up against any other company.

The secret?

All I do is give the SEO National team a blank canvas to paint their future on, then support them in pursuing beyond what they’re good and and more towards what they WANT to pursue.

I don’t anticipate this team member leaving any time soon, but I’m proud that she has the ability to comfortably do so if she ever chooses.

leveling up your team