I hope that one day my kids will care.

I hope that they look back in appreciation.

Every few months I write them a letter. Each of them, individually.

Today is one of those days.

Kids grow so fast and I want them to have the opportunity to look back and see what dad thought of them at 2, at 5, at 8, at 13…

❤️ My son’s tender heart. A softness that I hope never goes away.

❤️ My older son’s insane passion for Beyblades. He won’t stop. It drives me crazy, but later I’ll miss it.

❤️ How much I love my toddler daughter’s wildly messy hair when she wakes up in the morning and the way she shrugs it out of her face as she walks down the hall, still half asleep.

Not only do I want them to remember.

I want to clearly remember these times, too.

After all, these little ones and my wife are why I work so hard.

My why.