I'm not much of a religious person...

But that doesn’t make me ignorant to the value that faith provides others.  Probably the opposite.

I find that my lack of spiritual pursuits makes me want to cheerlead others in their religious interests even more. Because they found something that means something to them.

The picture in this post is from John. He’s a newer friend, but one that I immediately felt his sincerity. When he told me he was getting baptized and the gratitude that him and his wife felt for that opportunity, I was in.

I'm not much of a religious person...

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I ordered him a fun little something. A box with a built in motor to inflate a balloon at the push of an intimidating “self destruct” style red button. 😆

“Congrats on the baptism.” the box reads.

Here’s the funny part. John’s now a client. And I’d be willing to bet he’d say a “raving fan” already.

But when I ordered the balloon, he wasn’t a client. Him being a customer wasn’t on the radar, and had nothing to do with why I sent the balloon. I sent it, because if you’re happy, I’m happy.

Funny how that works out though, right? Relationships matter.

This is why I use social media. To celebrate others.

Follow to support others.

Comment to support others.

To those behind, help them forward.

To those that are ahead, congratulate them.

Engage to accept others invites into what they share about their life.

To celebrate milestones for those with different beliefs. To be happy for others being happy.