Had never previously talked to the guy in this screenshot. But he had enough humility to private message me a question…

I’ve just launched a first to market product in a category that’s starting to get more attention.

I don’t know what I don’t know with building a brand with a strong SEO foundation. Would appreciate any bit of advice and where to start and what might make the greatest impact short and long term.

Helping others without expecting in return makes people feel heard and valued.  It changes lives, and drives inspiration by giving other people permission to believe in themselves.

I replied back with a short term impact trick to get his product directly into Google News.  Also sent him a 10-15 minute Loom walking through what he should do for long-term search engine optimization gains.

But here’s the catch.  I only helped for specific reasons.

Most people that are ahead of you or have knowledge that could benefit you will give it to you for free if they know you’ll implement. But they don’t want to waste their time if not.  Most successful business owners, coaches, consultants, etc. have developed a sixth sense of who will do the work or not.  That becomes their filter for if you get the full consulting rate, or they’d love to give back and offer free advice.

There are two things that propel entrepreneurs:

  1. Humility
  2.  Action taking

This guy showed both before I even had the chance to reply. So, I helped. For free.

⭐️ Bonus ⭐️

He followed it up with gratitude.


I have no doubt a simple 20 minute give changed the trajectory of his product launch.

Most life changing moments cost nothing more than being humble.

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